5 Places You Shouldn’t Miss in Your Thailand Trip

With the passing years, Thailand has become one of the best tourist destinations. It has also grown as a country. Starting from ancient temples to beaches, the country offers you many things. Whether it’s shopping, eating, sightseeing, you can find everything here. Book your tickets for Bangkok to Delhi flights on time, to get a good deal!

Among many exciting things, here are some of the places which you absolutely cannot miss whenever you visit Thailand:

Chiang Mai Northern Thailand-

This place is located in Northern Thailand. This city is surrounded by mountains, which keeps it away from the hassles of Bangkok. In Chaing Mai, people love to be around nature can go hiking. And in the old town, you can find many historical things and temples. Also, don’t forget to try the street food of northern Thailand. They make delicious food.

Grand Palace, Bangkok-

So, when you land in Bangkok, you will not want to miss the Grand Palace, as it is an epitome of Thai culture. The Grand Palace is among the most historic buildings. It was constructed in May, the year 1782. The Palace was home for the Siam Kings. Even if you do not enjoy history, you should still visit this place. As the Grand Palace has a lot to tell about the Thai culture.

The Bangkok City-

When you are visiting Thailand, it is a must that you visit Bangkok, the capital city of the country. In Thailand, Bangkok is the most developed and also the largest city in the country. You will find everything in Bangkok such as temples, shopping centres, ancient places, and many more. Also, take a visit to the Khao San Road, for exploring cheap shopping and great street food.

Pai, Northern Thailand-

Pai, in Northern Thailand, is hands down one of the most beautiful places you can find in Asia. It is a small village where you can relax. Also, you have the Pai canyon to visit and the waterfall hikes you will find nearby. The place is surrounded by beautiful nature.

Chiang Rai White Temple-

The Chiang Rai White Temple is one of the most beautiful things you will find in Thailand. This is a Buddhist temple with all white interiors. The intricate architecture of the temples is not according to any of the traditional patterns. The artist made it with the idea of keeping the temple unique. You will not find this work anywhere in Thailand or the world.

The purity of Buddha is deducted by the white colour of the temple. As this temple is so famous and unique, people from all over the world come to visit and see its beauty. You will find many souvenir stores, restaurants, and even some coffee shops around the temple.

These are the five must-visit places in Thailand. The country is filled with culture and traditions; Also, you get to enjoy the fantastic views wherever you look. So, before booking your round-trip Bangkok to Delhi flights, make sure you follow the list and visit all these five beautiful places.

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