Here you will find everything you need to know about visiting the golden monkeys of Rwanda and Uganda, including where to stay, how much a permit will cost, when to visit, and general information about these apes.

About Golden Monkeys

Golden monkeys are a rare species that are currently threatened with extinction and are known to have distinctive personalities. They can currently be found in Rwanda’s Virunga Mountains, like at Volcanoes national park. The yellow spots that are visible all over their bodies make them easy to identify. The only way to distinguish the Golden Monkeys from other primates is by their noses, which are also known as “the Old-world monkeys.” The golden monkeys have a distinctive feature, which is that while most monkeys have nostrils that point to the sides, the nostrils of the golden monkeys face upward.

The Virunga Mountains’ volcanoes are where the majority of Rwanda’s golden monkey trekking takes place, and there is only one session per day that begins in the morning. The headquarters is only fifteen minutes from the park, so those who want to participate in the golden monkey trek are advised to arrive there by 7:00 am for a briefing before the trek begins.

There are two troops of golden monkeys in Rwanda, the largest of which is in Sabinyo and has 80 to 100 monkeys. This troop is the most popular in Rwanda. The other troop, which is a little bit smaller in size, is in the volcanoes.

The cost of golden monkey trekking permits

The permits for trekking golden monkeys in Rwanda cost $100 each, and one of the best things about the trek is that there are no restrictions on the number of trekkers or the age of those who can go.

The majority of golden monkeys reside directly beneath Volcanoes Mountain and are frequently seen swinging from bamboo trees in the forest. The monkeys are simple to locate. The tourists have an hour to observe the animals and learn about their various traits from the knowledgeable tour guide who is accompanying them. The tourists see monkeys with short tails that were amputated after they became stuck in bamboo trees.

The easiest way to trek golden monkeys is to follow the bamboo shoots that the monkeys always leave behind after eating. This is the quickest way to locate them. The golden monkeys move around in the open and eat food and cones in farmer-owned fields close to the forest, making it simple for tourists to observe them as they swing back and forth.

Albertine Golden Monkeys are Albertine Endemics, and they are local to the Albertine region. Endemism describes species that are restricted to a particular region. After looking at the different characteristics of the golden monkeys, travelers should learn more about the golden monkeys on their golden monkey trekking safari in Rwanda. The Albertine region is an area that is filled with valleys and mountains, as well as different tree species that make up the forests surrounding the area.

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